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Roads became pedestrian highways

by cthomas6,

Hello my fellow Westborough residents! We moved to Westborough almost 8 years ago, and I have lived on both sides of town. We moved here for the great public schools and the central location, and I've grown to love the town and am an active community member. Moving forward, one thing that the Covid-19 situation has made even clearer to me and my family members is the importance of safe and accessible walkways/bikeways for pedestrians. We live on a road that I think typifies many in town - narrow and curvy with encroaching brush, a double yellow line, and in normal times a steady flow of traffic. Seemingly a "quiet" road, yet the volume of traffic is steady. Before the shutdown I did not feel safe taking walks on my own street. I also did not allow our kids to bike on it. I've witnessed many times speeding cars, people looking at their phones, even one regular who has their laptop open on the passenger seat with the screen turned toward the driver. When the traffic stopped flowing the pedestrians emerged in droves! Bikers of all ages, walkers, and joggers. I began walking on my road for the first time, and let the kids lose on their bicycles as well. It's been great! Now the traffic is returning, and I'm getting reluctant to again share the road with them. Sometimes I park downtown just to take a walk along the lovely sidewalks. It is a real quality of life issue. Not everyone can afford to live downtown, or in a newer subdivision. The neighborhoods that have sidewalks are the most popular places to live - maybe because residents and kids are able to freely move around - on the sidewalks! Please, can't we prioritize non-motorized movement? What number of residents have sidewalks, and how many don't? That is a place to start. Thank you.

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