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Schools that are open and reflect the students

by carrigda,

My family has lived here for 17 years/ 13 years and our children since birth. As our girls are now in kindergarten, they are beginning to dislike school and our family is in opposition to the Westborough Public Schools, which is sad given how high the taxes are. We are paying for a school staff that is not open most days of the school week (unless you include 30 minutes with a teacher not even their classroom teacher and half days 3 days a week). I question a community whose values are to keep businesses, restaurants and gyms open but not schools. It saddens me that my children have a teacher who reflects them this year, that this is the ONLY year they will have a teacher who reflects them, and that they will only see that teacher in person for less than 60 days this year, if Amber Bock continues to be Superintendent. Our children, and all children but especially children of color deserve better. The district would never have its high scores without the scores of children of color and all know this.

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